Amazon news, part 2:
As of the end of September, everyone's purchases at Amazon have added $22.21 to the total owed by Amazon to the Association.
Combined with prior quarters' purchases, we've finally topped the amount Amazon needs to send a check out to the A4FG with a total of $121.37 earned.

Amazon news:
I suppose as tonight's the State of the Union Address I can take down the candidate advocacy at last.
In other news, reports that due to your purchases the Association is credited $11.10 last quarter for a total of $80.39. When this total reaches $100 Amazon will cut a check to the Association. news: is moving to a new host! There may be slight disruptions in service as the domain names are updated. If we disappear briefly, don't worry.

Goodbye, Gipper!:
The nation mourns the passing of President Ronald Wilson Reagan.
In the ceremony yesterday, 21 F-15s of the 4th FW performed the missing man formation in honor of the late President.

Webboard ready!:
Please use On Eagles' Wings to communicate with each other and the web team. There are now forums available for discussion of the 4th's rich history as well as flight simulations involving the 4th FG.

December 22, 2003:
The good news is that the site revision is going well and hopefully a new with a consistent layout and much easier navigation should be ready in the not too distant future. The bad news is that in fighting the 600+ spam messages that were sent to daily I've managed to make it impossible for legitimate emails to reach me. Please be patient...

October 27, 2003:
As regular visitors know, some portions of haven't been updated in a while as some of the original researchers have been very busy. An opportunity has presented itself for your webmaster to revamp the site. As a result, if you have sent some information it may be a while longer before it becomes updated here. Your contributions haven't been lost or forgotten!

October 10, 2003:
"Todzla" of the virtual 352nd in WarBirds was kind to give us permission to publish photos of a 4th Fighter Wing F-15 at the Abbotsford, B.C. airshow. Click here or here to see Shangri-La II!
Thank you Tod! But remember; red-nosed Mustangs are always better than blue-nosed Mustangs.

August 17, 2003:
REMINDER! The 2003 4th FG Reunion is coming up in October of this year!  Here's the information so you can sign up. Registration is due September 1st; don't miss out!

May 25, 2003:
An update; the rest of the information has arrived for this year's 4th FG Reunion!  Here is the place to click to sign up; the deadline is September 1!

May 13, 2003:
Penguin Books informs me that a new publication of James Goodson's Tumult in the Clouds: The Classic Story of War in the Air is available! Thanks to Rowland White from Penguin for the great news!

March 15, 2003:
Also, a new book on Kidd Hofer has now been printed!  "Kidd Hofer:  The last of the screwball aces" is available from Stardust Studios.

March 15, 2003:
The 2003 4th FG Reunion is coming up in October of this year!  Here's the information so you can sign up early and not miss this banner event.  Thanks to Scott Perdue for setting everything up for the Group!

March 15, 2003:
Another Eagle Squadron joins the virtual skies:  a 71 (Eagle) Squadron in Microsoft's Fighter Ace.  They can be found at  Welcome!

November 28, 2002:
Robert Baumgart (335) wanted to let everyone know that he has taken a video of the recent Memorial Dedication and is making copies available.  The tape runs approximately 45 minutes, and is available for the low cost of $10.00 including postage in the U.S.  Update:  Interested parties can click here to get the right address to write to!

November 9, 2002:
Welcome to a new affiliate virtual squadron based on the Fourth.  Flying Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator, you can find them here!  Very nice site presentation with period video and music.

November 8, 2002:
Your webmaster was privileged to attend the 4th FG memorial, and the pictures came back in good shape.  The Memorial page here has been updated with thumbnail and full size pictures, including several pictures of the original Debden pub and briefing room!

June 26, 2002:
The dedication of the 4th FG Memorial is nearly upon us!  Here is all the information about the schedule and how to register to attend this unique and moving event!

June 12, 2002:
Details about the dedication of the 4th FG Memorial will be posted as they become available.  We're all looking forward to this exceptional monument to the Fourth's sacrifices in the ETO!

May 27, 2002:
Please take a moment to remember everything that American veterans of all wars have given to preserve our freedom on this Memorial Day.  God Bless every veteran as we honor those who have fallen.

April 13, 2002:
If you have current news of the 4th FG, please don't hesitate to write!

April 13, 2002:
Dateline:  1944.  The Group leads a Target and Withdrawal Support mission to Schweinfurt.  South of Aschaffenburg, 20+ FW 190s were engaged.   The Group claimed 5 FWs for a loss of 2 P-51s.  This was Gentile's last mission.

January 22, 2002:
Sad news:  Jim Raup wrote to inform us that his uncle, Marvin L. Davis (336) has gone west:

"Marvin L. Davis died in Long Beach, California, December 26, 2001 of melanoma. Originally from Austin, Texas, Marvin was a Continental Airlines executive until his retirement and had been a California resident since 1963. He was a pilot in the 336th FS until the end of the war. Nicknamed "Lucky" Davis by his comrades, he survived many combat missions when the other Davises in the Group were not so lucky. Marvin was a proud and loyal member of the 4th FG until his death, and he was loved dearly by his family. He was a special man, and all who knew him will miss him."

December 23, 2001:
The 4th FG memorial is nearing its funding goal -- but it's not finished yet.  You can contribute towards the memorial through March of 2002 still.  Stop in here to see the details!

September 11, 2001: joins the Nation in expressing our sympathy for the victims, and their families, of the tragic events witnessed in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania today, Sept. 11, 2001. We cannot imagine the trauma and devastation felt by those of you affected, but our hearts, prayers and feelings are with you. May God Bless you all.

June 25, 2001:
The companion simulation to WarBirds, Fighter Ops, has now formed a 71 (Eagle) Squadron RAF! welcomes them as an affiliate online squadron.

June 11, 2001:
I am pleased to announce that we have opened Forums for public discussion of the 4th FG and Eagle Squadrons, as well as planning areas for several online simulations. Feel free to drop by!

May 21, 2001:
The moment is here!  The Association of the 4th FG, AAF, WWII is honoring its fallen by constructing a memorial made of stainless steel so that everyone will know that "We Shall Not Forget."  Please take a moment to view this important page and if at all possible to make a tax-deductible contribution.
(note:  page optimized for 1024x768 resolution due to space considerations)

March 11, 2001:
Speaking of Combat Flight Simulator, Duxford Legends has a number of Mustangs available at their site.  Just this week they released the famous "Shangri-la" P-51B.

March 11, 2001:
Please welcome our first official affiliate!  Hailing from Combat Flight Simulator, this group emulates the 334th Fighter Squadron.  They have a number of excellent 'skins' for CFS2 showing Mustangs of the 4th Fighter Group.

January 26, 2001:
Watch this space for information as it becomes available about the upcoming activities of the Association of the Fourth Fighter Group, 8th AF, USAAF.

January 25, 2001:
If you lead a group of simulation pilots in a multiplayer WWII simulation, and are currently or are considering emulating the Eagle Squadron(s) or 4th FG, please drop us a note.  While our existing online group is active in WarBirds and will shortly be active in World War II Online, there are many simulations in which we are not active, and are extending an offer of affiliation to serious, stable online groups.

August 20, 2000:
Congratulations (belated) to our virtual pilots Bunyap, Magoo, Mabel, Sicair, Big-T, and Lemo for their virtual promotions!   Well done!
Also, congratulations on virtual medals to No.6 (wait, that's me), Soul, Magoo, Warloc, Big-T, Mabel, and Gigg!
Also also, a long-belated welcome to Tequiza who joins our group while "Bud" Weiser joins the 305th BG(H).

June 28, 2000:
With material from the ace himself, we're proud to present our material on Major James "Goody" Goodson (336) for your enjoyment!

April 30, 2000:
The Fourth Fighter Group (virtual) is recruiting!  If you enjoy simulation flying, the Mustangs, and the Fourth, take a look here to see what we're about.  We're currently flying in iEN's WarBirds and intend to fly in CRS's World War II Online when it becomes available.

April 30, 2000:
Effective, well ok effective a week and a half ago, we are proud to announce more officer appointments in the virtual 4th:
- Bughunter (-bugh-) now heads up 334 Squadron as CO;
- Flip-top (-fltp-) now serves as 334 Squadron XO;
- Badman (badman) now serves at 335 Squadron XO (acting);
- MW (-mw---) now serves as 336 Squadron CO;
- Doey (-doey-) now serves as 336 Squadron XO

April 11, 2000:
Sad news:
Hello, my name is Michael R. Moe, I am the son of Bob Moe. I am writing to let you know that my father passed away on Feb. 17, 2000. I was wondering if the Editor Frank Speer was aware that my dad had died and if there was going to be an announcement in THE EAGLE EYE newsletter. My dad enjoyed reading those newsletters and was looking forward to attending the reunion this year.  My dad was one of a kind and was very proud to be affiliated with the 4TH Fighter Group. I enjoyed the many wonderful stories he shared of his time flying the MUSTANG and his many adventures overseas.

The October, 1998 newsletter contains a brief note my dad sent to the Editor after a very trying time he had with his health. I still have that newsletter and will cherish his words of encouragement always. I was wondering if an announcement could be made about my fathers death in a future newsletter, but I'm not sure who to notify. I would also like to get my dad's mustang "UMBREAGO"  put on the web site with the others from the 335 Sqdn. I'm not sure of the tail number but I can try to find it. I can also mail a copy of the obituary from the local newspaper which has a wonderful picture of my dad right after graduating initial flight training.

I am very proud of my fathers accomplishments, both during the war and after it. I am also very proud of all the other young men and women who so bravely and unselfishly served their country in time of need. They are truly the greatest generation and I can only hope to someday be half the man my father was. He will be missed.

Thank you for any help you can give me. I look forward to hearing from you soon. E-mail can be sent to  " " . Take care and God bless.

Michael R. Moe

March 10, 2000:
The long service of our leadership is recognized!  News (-news-) and Snakeeyes (o-o-o-) are awarded the (virtual) Defense Superior Service Medal for their tenures as Group XO, and Juventus (-juve-), Bughunter (-bugh-), Ridge Runner (-rube-), Gigg (-gigg-), Soul (soul++), and Daddy (daddy=) are awarded the same for their work as squadron COs and XOs.
Congratulations all!

March 10, 2000:
The planned "Big B" Weekend Warrior is postponed one week.  We will attend the operation on March 18th.

March 3, 2000:
Welcome to Lemo (-lemo-), the newest member of the Fourth Fighter Group!   Screeeeeee!<cough,cough>

March 3, 2000:
Operations tonight will be in the Main Arena, 10pm EST.

Feb. 29, 2000:
Congratulations to our new Group XO, Ridge Runner (-rube-)!  Rube has been in the Group longer than anyone else and his experience and expertise will serve us well.
Congratulations also to Gigg (-gigg-) who becomes CO of the 335 Squadron, and Warloc (warloc) who takes over the XO slot in 335.

Feb. 29, 2000:
Congratulations to Magoo (magoo-) who ran up a streak of 63 consecutive kills this Tour of Duty!  Magoo has been presented with a (virtual) Distinguished Flying Cross for his efforts.