Eagle Squadrons Timeline

19 September 1940No 71 Squadron formed at Church Fenton
29 September 1940S/L W. M. Churchhill assumes command of No 71
24 October 1940No 71 receives 3 Brewster Buffaloes
7 November 1940No 71 receives Hurricane Is.
21 November 1940No 71 moves to Kirton-in-Lindsey
January 1941W. E. G. Taylor assumes command of No 71 & the Squadron begins to fly operational patrols escorting shipping in the North Sea.
5 January 1941In No 71 Philip Leckrone collides with Ed Orbison. Orbison bales successfully and Leckrone died.
February 1941Ed Orbison & "Shorty" Keough crashed into the sea in separate incidents.
9 April 1941No 71 moved to Martlesham Heath in 11 Group
May 1941No 71 receives Hurricane IIAs.
14 May 1941No 121 established at Kirton-in Lindsey. S/L Peter Powell assigned to command
15 May 1941James Alexander & John Flynn of No 71 engage 3 Me 109s damaging one with Flynn having to crash land.
17 May 1941No 121 receives it's first aircraft; Hurricane Is
June 1941No 71 moves to North Weald and H. Woodhouse assumes command
July 1941No 71 flies 568 operational missions.
2 July 1941While escorting Blenheim bombers to Lille, France, No 71 is jumped by 25 to 30 Me 109Es. S/L Woodhouse destroyed a 109, Gus Daymond destroyed a 109, P/O Bill Dunn destroyed a 109, and Bob Mannix got a damaged. Bill Hall bailed and was taken POW.
4 July 1941No 121 begins transitioning to Hurricane IIBs.
6 July 1941No 71 flew a bomber escort mission to Lille. Gus Daymond shot down a Me 109E and Bill Dunn claims a probable.
19 July 1941Victor Buno of No 71 got a Me 109 probable destroyed.
21 July 1941P/O Bill Dunn of No 71 shot down a Me 109 near Lille. No 121 declared operational.
26 July 1941P/O Laughlin of No 121 crashed and Sgt/Ps Shenk & Smith collided & bailed
August 1941No 121 flies 980 operational missions.
1 August 1941No 133 founded at Coltishall under the command of S/L George A. Brown and equipped with Hurricane IIBs.
3 August 1941Gus Daymond of No 71 shoots down a Do 17 off Orfordness.
5 August 1941P/O William Driver of No 71 shot down & killed.
8 August 1941P/O Edner & Sgt/P Mooney score a probable destroyed of a Ju 88
9 August 1941Bill Dunn of No 71 destroys a Me 109E. P/O Kenneth Taylor of No 71 shot down & killed.
13 August 1941S/L E. R. Bitmead replaces Woodhouse as commander of No 71.
16 August 1941No 133 moves to Duxford.
19 August 1941Virgil Olsen of No 71 crashed into the Channel.
20 August 1941No 71 received it's first Spitfire IIAs.
22 August 1941Stanley Meares replaces Bitmead as commander of No 71.
27 August 1941No 71 escorts Blenheims on a attack on the steelworks at Lille. P/O Bill Dunn claims 2 Me 109F's as destroyed making him the first American ace of the war.
28 August 1941Jack Weir of No 71 died in a crash.
September 1941No 71 receives Spitfire VBs.
4 September 1941Gus Daymond of No 71 shot down an Me 109F on a bomber escort mission.
7 September 1941No 71 loses 3 during a fighter sweep with the North Weald Wing; Hillard Fenlaw & Eugene Tobin killed, William Nichlos taken POW. Chesley Peterson destroyed a Me 109F.
15 September 1941P/O Mason of No 121 killed in a crash.
17 September 1941No 71 loses Bill Geiger POW & Tommy McGerty killed while escorting Blenheims near Dunkirk.
18 September 1941Chesley Peterson (No 71) destroys his second enemy plane.
19 September 1941Gus Daymond of No 71 downs another Me 109F.
21 September 1941Carrol "Red" McColpin of No 71(transferred from 121) shot down an Me 109F near Lille.
October 1941No 71 leads all RAF squadrons in the number of German aircraft shot down with 9. No 121 gets Spitfire IIAs
1 October 1941No 133 moves to Colly Weston.
2 October 1941No 71 shoots down 5 enemy aircraft. Carrol McColpin got 2 1/2 Me 109s, S/L Meares got 1 1/2 Me 109 Arthur Roscoe got 1 Me 109.
4 October 1941No 133 moves to Fowlmere.
8 October 1941No 133 transferred to Eglinton, Ireland.
13 October 1941Gilmore Daniel of No 71 shoots down 3 Me 109s but is shot down himself & taken POW.
20 October 1941Oscar Coen's Spitfire takes damage while attacking a train near Lille and he has to bail. He evades capture and eventually returns to England.
Late October 1941Carroll McColpin of No 71 destroyed 2 Me 109s east of Dunkirk.
28 October 1941No 133 receives Spitfire IIAs. Jack Fessler's Spitfire (No 71) suffers a coolant leak while strafing a train near Boulogne and is captured.
November 1941No 71 again leads all RAF squadrons in the number of German aircraft shot down. No 121 gets Spitfire VBs
15 November 1941S/L Meares is killed in a collsion and Chesley Peterson takes command.
16 November 1941Harold Martling of No 121 claims a Ju 88 probable destroyed.
14 December 1941No 71 transferred to Martlesham Heath
16 December 1941No 121 transferred to North Weald
2 January 1942No 133 transferred to Kirton-in Lindsey and received war-weary Spitfire VAs
5 February 1942No 133 sees it's first action while on convoy patrol and a Do. 217 is destroyed and another damaged.
12 February 1942No 133 and No 121 take part in the action against the German ships Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst, and Gneisenau.
8 March 1942During a Fighter Sweep over France No 121 gets it's first claim with P/O Daley damaging a Me 109.
23 March 1942P/O Mooney of No 121 shoots down a FW 190 and Reade Tilley was credited with a probable in action near Calais.
12 April 1942No 121 claims 4 Fw 190s probable destroyed.
24 April 1942P/O Daley and P/O Skinner of No 121 jointly shoot down a JU 52.
26 April 1942Carroll McColpin of No 133 shot down a FW 190.
27 April 1942William Baker & Robert Pewitt of No 133 each claim a FW 190 probable destroyed while escorting Boston bombers to Ostend. No 71 destroyed 5 and damaged 3 while on an escort mission over St. Omer. Chesley Peterson got 2 and Oscar Coen and Mike McPharlin destroyed 3 between them but John Flynn was shot down & killed.
28 April 1942F/Sgt Walter Wicker of No 133 shot down over the Channel.
2 May 1942No 71 transferred to Debden.
7 May 1942No 133 tranferred to Biggin Hill in 11 Group.
17 May 1942F/Lt McColpin claimed a Me 109f destroyed and another probable, and P/O Morris claimed a probable when No 133 made a Fighter Sweep over the Abbeville area with the Biggin Wing. Jim Daley & Sel Edner of No 121 each shoot down an enemy plane.
19 May 1942No 133 heavily engaged near Le Treport. Cecil Harp shot down 2 FW 190s and Moran Morris & George Sperry each shot down an Me 109. P/O Florance and P/O Pewitt were KIA.
27 May 1942Jim Daley sinks a 1,000 ton Minesweeper and destroys an enemy plane.
31 May 1942Edwin Taylor of No 133 damaged a 190 while on a sweep near Dieppe, but Moran Morris and William Ford were shot down & killed.
1 June 1942During a sweep over Belgium with the Debden Wing, No 71 got one destroyed (by Peterson), two damaged, and 1 probable while losing George Teicheira.
3 June 1942No 121 transferred to Southend on Sea, a one squadron station.
9 June 1942No 121 shoots down 4 Fw 190s with Barry Mahon and John Mooney each getting 2 over St Omer.
31 July 1942No 121 shoots down 7 planes while on an escort mission over Abbeville, France; Seldon Edner got 2, Barry Mahon got 2, Hugh Kennard got one, Sgt/Plt William Kelly got one and Frank Boyles got 1. Norman Young was killed and Kennard wounded. W. Williams assumed command given Kennard's wounds. No 133 escorts Bostons to Abbeville and scores 3 destroyed and 1 damaged. P/O Baker shot down a FW 190, P/O Taylor destroyed 2 FW 190s and damaged a Me 109F but F/Lt King, P/O Harp, and F/Sgt Eichar were shot down.
1 August 1942Jim Gray of No 71 gets one destoyed.
19 August 1942Operation Jubilee, the invasion at Dieppe. All three Eagle Squadrons participate and combine for 9 destroyed, 4 probable, and 14 damaged.
27 August 1942Duke Wooley and Gus Daymond of No 71 each got one destroyed.
31 August 1942Don Young of No 121 shoots down a JU 88.
6 September 1942Eric Doorly and Dick Gudmundsen of No 133 shot down over France.
23 September 1942No 121 moves to Debden. No 133 moves to Great Stampford and receives Spitfire IX's.
26 September 1942No 133 loses all 12 planes when they ran short of fuel while on an escort mission near Morlaix.
29 September 1942Eagle Squadrons disbanded and incororated into the 4th FG USAAF.

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