Capt. Carl R. Alfred
Capt. Charles E. Anderson
Capt Stanley M. Anderson
Lt. Harvie J Arnold
P/Officer William M. Baker
Lt. George W. Barnes
Flt Officer William D. Bates
Lt. Hepolitus Thomas Biel
Lt. Robert A. Boock
Lt. Stephen B. Boren
Lt. Ralph G. Boyce
Capt. Frank B. Boyles
Lt. James M. Brandenburg
Lt. Edward G. Brettell
Lt. Robert C. Buchholz
Lt. James T. Byrd, Jr.
Capt Leroy A. Carpenter, Jr.
Lt. Vincent R. Castle
Lt. Gerald C. Chapman
Lt. John L. Childs
Lt. Robert P. Claus
Lt. Leon J Cole, Jr.

Lt. John T. Conley
Lt Robert J. Cooper
Flt Officer William A. Cox
Lt. Kermit O. Dahlen
Lt. Leo Dailey
Capt. Albert J. Davis
Lt. Harry E. Davis
Lt. Robert O. Davis
Lt. Carmen J. Delnero
Capt. Donald R. Emerson
Lt. Clemens A. Fieldler
Lt. Robert G. Fischer
Capt Victor J. France
Lt. Robert B. Frazer
Lt. Harold M. Fredericks

Lt. Edward P. Freiburger
Flt Officer Frank D. Gallion
Lt. Cecil E. Garbey
Lt. Chester P. Grimm
Flt Officer Joseph Goetz
Lt. Frederick D. Hall
Lt. Ferris S. Harris
Lt. Lloyd F. Henry
Lt. Glenn A. Herter
Capt. Charles D. Hewes
Lt. Dean J. Hill
Capt. Robert D. Hobert
Lt. Ralph Kidd Hofer
Lt. Robert H. Homuth
Lt. C.G. Howard
Lt. Earl F. Hustwit
Lt. William W. Hunt
Lt. Paul S. Iden
Lt. Harry E. Jennings
Capt. Frank C. Jones, Jr.
Lt. Robert L. Kackerback
Lt. Henry A. Kaul
Capt. William P. Kelly
Lt. Garrett C. King
Lt. Lloyd G. Kingham
Lt. Mark H. Kolter
Capt. Joseph L. Lang
4fgmemsm.jpg (52872 bytes)

During World War II, R.A.F. Debden Airfield, England, was home of the 4th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, from September 1942 to September 1945.
Vanguard Yanks of the 71st, 121st, and 133rd R.A.F. Eagle Squadrons traded R.A.F. Blues for U.S. Army Olives to become the 4th Fighter Group.
Thunderbolts; later long-ranging Mustangs were to help a dedicated 4th Fighter Group achieve the most victories over enemy aircraft in the entire U.S. Army Air Corps -- 1016 enemy aircraft destroyed.
In remembrance of our 128 comrades who were not to see the war's end, we the survivors humbly dedicate this memorial.

Lt. Dale B. Leaf
Lt. Peter G. Lehman
Lt. Ralph E. Lewis
Lt. George H. Logan, Jr.
Lt. John. F. Lutz

Lt. Leland L. MacFarlane
Capt. Bernard J. McGrattan
Capt. Richard. D. McMinn

Flt Officer John P. McNabb
Maj. Michael G. McPharlin
Lt. Charles Y. Mead
Lt. Frederick D. Merritt
Lt. John Micthellweis, Jr.
Lt. Ivan R. Moon
Lt. Conrad J. Netting
Lt. Gene P. Neville
Lt. Harry  B. Noon
Lt. Roy L. Patterson
Lt. Leonard R. Pierce
Lt. Jap A. Powell
Lt. Herman S. Rasmussen
Lt. Richard I. Reed
Lt. Robert H. Richards
Lt. Bernard. J. Rosensen
Lt. Harold L. Ross, Jr.
Lt. Leonard T. Ryerson
Lt. Paul G. Santos
Lt. Ralph W. Saunders
Lt. Morton R. Savage
Capt. Albert L. Schlegel
Lt. James F. Scott
Lt. Anthony J. Seaman
Lt. Arthur J. Senecal
Lt. Thomas S. Sharp
Lt. Frank T. Sibbett

Lt. Robert H. Siefert
Lt. Ernest R. Skilton
Lt. John T. Slater
Capt. Robert S. Sprague
Lt. Dennis D. Smith
Lt. Donald E. Smith
Lt. Homer C. Smith
Lt. Kenneth D. Smith
Flt Officer Walter Smith
Capt. William B. Smith
Lt. Frank J Smolinski
Maj W. Michael Sobanski
Lt. Robert L. Stallings
Lt. Edward J. Steppe
Capt. Malta L Stepp, Jr.
Lt. Joseph W. Sullivan
Capt. Richard L. Tannehill
Lt. Robert S. Tussey
Lt. Herbert Vandervate, Jr.
Lt. George K. Villinger
Lt. Nicholas W. Vozzy
Lt. Alvin O. Wallace
Lt. Leonard R. Werner
Lt. Edmund D. Whalen
Lt. Robert W. White
Lt. Barnaby M. Wilhoit
Lt. Gordon H. Whitlow
Lt. Ward K. Wortman
Lt. Burton C. Wyman

Memorial Dedication Events - Deadline is August 5!

Tentative Schedule

The A4FG will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary of the formation of the 4th Fighter Group -- 1942 to 2002 -- by dedicating a memorial monument to the 128 pilots killed in combat from 1942 to 1945.  The Memorial monument is being placed at the Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio.

Plans for the event on September 6th, 2002, will include:

  • Best Western Hotel close to the A.F. Museum with in-house restaurant

  • Dedication Ceremony is at 10:00am for the monument and the Brick Walkway

  • Bus transportation to and from the Museum area

  • Fly-over from the 4th Fighter Wing

  • Banquet with special guests including General Edgington, CO of the 4th Fighter Wing, and Keithe Braybrooke, long time Honor member of the 4th from England; seating at 6:30pm, dinner begins at 7pm.

  • Contingent of Airmen from Seymour Johnson AFB

  • New Exhibits to see at the Museum

  • Readyroom refreshments and visit old friends


Event Registration Form

Hotel Registration Form

Special Information

  1. Deadline is August 5, 2002 for both registration and hotel reservations.

  2. The registration fee of $25 will be the only fee you pay.

  3. The Readyroom will be available on Thursday after 3pm and Friday afternoon and evening after the banquet.

  4. Meals:  Continental breakfast is free.  The Damon's restaurant in the hotel is available for other meals.

  5. 4th FG Dedication Registration Desk:  pick up your name tag(s) for you and your party, Schedule, and Program of Events and Banquet tickets.

  6. Flying in?  Call ahead 800-874-0934 Charter Vans (look for office to the right of luggage area) $25 for 1 person; $15 each for 2 or more.  Taxi service is $25 plus (ask for rate?) for up to 4 people.

  7. If you are driving?  Basically get on I-675 and take Exit 24; see map and directions.

For further assistance or for additional information contact:

Julie Haynes, Reunion Secretary
(numbers available by request - write webmaster at  It is unwise to publish phone numbers on the web, unfortunately)