Don Gentile

Piqua, OH

Don Gentile in his P-51 Mustang "Shangri-La"

Don Gentile's Medals

Airmedal DSC DFC
Airmedal Distinguished Service Cross Distinguished Flying Cross
(? Oak Leaf Clusters) (? Oak Leaf Clusters)

Assigned Aircraft

Spitfire MkVb BL255 MD-T 10/42 "Buckeye-Don", boxing eagle on light color circle, 2 black and white kill swastikas under nameUnk
P-47D 42-8659 VF-T 2/44 "Donnie Boy", 4th FG boxing eagle emblem on light circle with 2 kill crosses on white nose bandTransferred 2/25/44
P-51B 43-6913 VF-T Spring '44 "Shangri-La", boxing eagle on yellow circle, 4x14 rows or red and white checkers under manifolds, 30 black and white kill crosses on left cowling to canopy on white scroll in 2 rows, regular canopy, olive drab and grey, white ETO bands on mainplanes onlySalvaged 4/13/44 after Gentile "pranged" it during a low level buzz of the field for photographers after his last mission


(includes only those while in the 4th FG)

Date Enemy A/C Air/Ground Place Number
12/16/43 Ju-88 Air unk 0.33
1/5/44 FW-190 Air 15 mi west of Tours, Fr. 1
1/14/44 FW-190 Air unk 2
2/25/44 FW-190 Air 20 mi s/e of Luxembourg, Lux. 1
3/3/44 FW-190 Air Wittenburg area, Ger. 2
3/8/44 Me-109 Air Berlin suburbs, Ger. 3.5
3/18/44 FW-190 Air Augsburg area, Ger. 1
3/23/44 Me-109 Air Munster area, Ger. 2
3/27/44 Me-110 Ground Cazaux A/D, Fr. 2
3/29/44 FW-190 Air Brunswick area, Ger. 2
3/29/44 Me-109 Air n/e of Brunswick area, Ger. 1
4/1/44 Me-109 Air Unk 1
4/5/44 Ju-88 Ground Stendal A/D, Ger. 4
4/8/44 FW-190 Air near Ruhrburg, Ger. 3

Air Ground Total Air Ground Total
21.8 6 27.8 21.8 6 27.8

Career Highlights/Lowlights

Other Don Gentile Information

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