Written by Mike Aiello

To fly, to fight to win the day

Is pilot's task when in the fray

But when their birds come to the nest

Their nurturer's will give them rest

To them these are not metal things

But noble birds with gossamer wings

When fluids flow from damage borne

It's blood they see from flesh that's torn

On through the night they mend and sew

For in the dawn, aloft they'll go

These noble steeds that bear a knight

Into the skies to fly, to fight

Now back at home, back at the nest

They still can find no way to rest

They search the skies for pilots borne

And for the steed with wings well worn

The sound they make each one knows well

At once they jump and they can tell

The day's been won, they're back once more

The knight's dismount with muscles sore

They leave the steeds and off they go

To dinner, drinks, perhaps a show

But now the work begins for those

Who won't be catching any shows

Theirs birds are hurt and show much wear

But they are in the best of care

Their work is hard, the hours long

But they're happy to not sing the song

Of those who search the skies in vain

And who must now accept the pain

Of knight and steed forever lost

Oh what a dreadful, painful cost

But on they go with hearts forlorn

There isn't time to weep, to mourn

For other knights and steeds are there

Who need their kind of special care

A war to win no time to rest

Of these they say, "they were the best".

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