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334th Fighter Squadron

(Left to right­top row) Lt. Charles W. Harre, Brownstown Ill.; Capt. Thomas R. Bell, Shawboro, N. C.; Lt. Carl G. Payne, San Antonio, Tex.; Lt. Robert S. Voyles, Belle Fourche, S. D.; Lt. Clarence L. Boretsky, Milwaukee, Wisc.; Lt. Kenneth E. Foster Oil City, Pa.; Lt. Andrew C. Lacy, Sullivan, Ohio; FO Alvin L. Hand, Newton, Pa.

(Left to right­second row) Lt. Arthur R. Bowers, Tiskilwa Ill.; Lt. William J. Dvorak, Western Springs, Ill.; Lt. Lewis F. Wells, Quitman, Gal; Lt. Jack D. McFadden, Brookville, Pa.; Lt. Paul E. Burnett, Cushing, Okla:; Lt. Calvin H. Beason, Anderson Ind.; Lt. James W. Ayers, Tulsa, Okla.; Lt. Michael J. Kennedy. Philadelphia, Pa.; Capt. William F. Hedrick, Redondo Beach, Calif.; Lt. Timothy J. Cronin, Oconomowoc, Wisc.; Capt. Ben Q. Ezzell (I.O.), Harlingen, Tex.

(Left to right­third row) Lt. Raymond A. Dyer, Glassport. Pa.; Capt. Robert H. Kanaga, Harbor Beach, Mich.; Lt. Kenneth G. Helfrecht, Madison, Wisc.; Lt. Joseph E. Gallant. Chelsea, Mass.; Lt. William O. Antonides, Carbondale, Col.; Capt. David W. Howe, East Hickory, Pa.; Lt. Jerome E. Jahnke, Los Angeles. Calif.; Lt. William B. Hoelscher, Indianapolis, Ind.; Lt. Donald M. Malmsten, Burwell, Nebr.

(Left to right­bottom row) Lt. Conrad J. Ingold (I. O.) New York, N. Y.; Maj. Louis H. Norley, Conrad, Mont.; commanding Capt. Gerald E. Montgomery, Littlefield, Tex.; Lt. Edward J Wozniak, Girard, Ohio.; Lt. Leo C. Garcin, Bay City, Mich.; Lt. Alan Skirball, Columbus, Ohio; Lt. William C. Spencer, LaGrande, Ore.

335th Fighter Squadron

(On Prop) Maj. Pierce W. McKennon, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Commanding.

(Left to right­top row) Lt. August W. Rabe, Yonkers, N. Y.; FO Lucian W. Freeman, Norwich, Conn.; Lt. Hugh W. Lindsay, Paoli, Pa.; Lt. Thomas H. Elffner, Fowler, Kan.; Lt. Calvin W. Willruth, Lancaster, Mass.; Lt. Mack D. Heaton, Piedmont, S. C.; Lt. Kenneth Green, Trafford, Pa.; Lt. Robert Hunter, Jr., Johns- town, Pa.; Lt. George D. Green, Whittier Calif.; Lt. Robert L. Couse, Asbury Park, N. J. ,

(Left to right­second row) Lt. Orval C. Miles, Cloverdale, Oreg.; Capt. William H. George, Orlando, Fla.; Lt. Charles L. Brock, Lockhart, Tex.; Lt. H. Stanley Rasmussen, Oakland, Calif.; Lt. Enoch Jungling, Carlton Ore.; Capt. Albert J. Davis, Ogden Utah; Capt. Shelton W. Monroe, Waycross, Gal; Lt. Robert A. Cammer, Houston, Tex.; Lt. Loton D. Jennings, Wayne, Me.; Lt. Robert C. Buchholz, Oaklahoma City, Okla.

(Left to right­bottom row) Capt. George H. Davis, Berlin, Md.; Lt. Charles E. Konsler, Utica, Ky.; Lt. Olin A. Kiser, New Philadelphia, Ohio; Lt. Stanlev W. Conners, Albany, Calif.; Lt. Robert J. Mabie, Marshalltown, Ia.; Lt. Paul J. Lucas, Jr.; Shamoki, Pa.; Lt. David R. Allen, Saddle River, N. J.; Lt. Henry A. Lee, Hampton, Va.; Lt. Leslie L. Burgess, Norwich, Conn.; Lt. Robert C. Hawley, Portville, N. Y.; Lt. Charles B. Greenlease, Memphis, Tenn.; Lt. James E. Halligan, Jr.; Boston, Mass.

336th Fighter Squadron

(Left to right­on prop) Maj. Fred W. Glover (C. O.), Asheville, N. C., Commanding; Capt. LeRoy A. Carpenter, Jr., Austin,

(Left to right­top row) Lt. Maurice W. Miller, Jr., Jackson Heights, N. Y.; FO Donald P. Baugh, Sioux City, Ia.; Lt. Robert O. Davis, Tallahassee, Fla.; Lt. William H. Ayer, Egypt, Mass.; Lt. Richard E. Moore, Barstow, Ill.; Lt. Douglas N. Groshong, Selma, Calif.; Lt. John W. Izant, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Lt. James F. Hileman, New Kensington, Pa.; Lt. Van E. Chandler, Waxahachie, Tex.; Lt. Harry N. Hagan, Yorkville, Ohio; Capt. Joe H. Joiner, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Lt. Donald J. Pierini, Trenton, N. J.

(Left to right­second row) Lt. Harold H. Frederick, Oakland City, Ind.; Lt. Thomas A. McCord, Oracle, Ariz.; Lt. Wilmer W. Collins, Lyons, Gal; Lt. Benjamin L. Griffin, Jacksonville, Fla.; Lt. Woodrow W. Schaefer, Yoakum, Tex.; Lt. Richard J. Corbett Madison, Wisc.; Capt. Carl R. Alfred, Atwater, Ohio; Capt. William D. Riedel, Ault, Col.; Lt. Earl F. Hustwit, Pittsburgh, Pa.

(Left to right­third row) Maj. John D. McFarlane, Calais, Me.; Lt. Harold R. Crawford, Jr., Seattle, Wash.; Lt. Douglas P. Pedersen, Long Beach, Calif.; Lt. Paul M. Morgan, Lexington, Ky.; Lt. B. O. Brooker, Jr., Columbia, S. C.; Lt. Henry A. Kaul, Oak Park, Ill.; Lt. Francis M. Grove, Hanover, Pa.; Lt. Franklin W. Young, Marmora, N. J.; Lt. Melvin N. Dickey, Tampa, Fla. Lt. Robert J. Cavallo, Wilmington, Ill.; Lt. Harry L. Davis, Cotulla, Tex.; Lt. G. E. Ridler, East Orange, N. J.

(Left to right­bottom row) Lt. Melvin C. Franklin, Middletown, Ohio; Lt. John P. Murchake, Jr., Annapolis, Md.; Lt. William H. Hastings, Washington Court House, Ohio.

This page is always under construction. If you have any pictures and/or descriptions of any 4th Fighter Group Mustangs, please forward them to me. If you know of any inaccuracies, please point them out. You may E-mail me here.

NOTE: Some of the planes on these pages represent my "best guess" as to how they actually looked. I have tried to get them as accurately as possible. I've noted on the planes where I've had incomplete information. Most of the inferences that I've made are with regard to the actual layout of the serial numbers on the tail fins and some of the colors of the noseart. This is because most of the pictures that I use as source information are in black and white. Most of the 4th's name art is red with a black outline. These are not noted on the pages as I thought these to not be of major importance.